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Herbs & Spices

Envir International imports and trades with Spices & Herbs sources directly from the farmers. Envir International is also able to create and produce blends according EU directives.

We understand that a long lasting relationship with our clients means, good quality for an affordable honest price. This only can be achieved if we have a honest relationship with our farmers and checking all the aspects to achieve a good quality and a happy farmer. Therefor we test and monitor the quality of the ingredients during the harvest.

Whole & Grinded

Spices blends

Vanilla & Cinnamon

Special Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

If you are looking for high quality Herbs & Spices, Envir International is your partner in creating the Spice & Herb you want or as a wholesaler in aswel organic and conventional quality.

Custom blends

If you are willing to create your own blend of the highest quality Herbs & Spices, don’t look any further! With Envir International as a manufacturer you only have one place to source your ingredients from and the knowledge and expertise to create and blend the mix you want.